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Blue Fatboy Pfffh
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Orange Fatboy Pfffh
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Pfffh Pouf

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It is very likely that this retro look will make you feel a bit nostalgic. And because of its vintage vibes, Pfffh looks like it could just as well be a cherished family heirloom. But Pfffh is certainly not old-fashioned.

Pfffh comes in three different colors with the rich prints that are more than capable of reviving any room. The high-end woven acrylic jacquard fabric is provided by Sunbrella.

Pfffh is the perfect size and can seat at least 2 vintage junkies. Are you wondering how we came up with its name? Just take a seat and Pfffffffffffffffffhhhhh…

  • Sunbrella fabric
  • EPS bead fill
  • Dimensions: Height = 15.7" | Diameter = 35.4"

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