Headdemock Undercover - Hammock Tent

Sale price $49.99 Regular price $129.00

With the Undercover, you enjoy your Headdemock hammock day and night, without any mosquito bothering you. Who doesn’t like the idea of going undercover and being able to do the things you imagined impossible? The Undercover does just that: it’s a cover that allows you to enjoy the comfort of the Headdemock – Fatboy’s firm, oversized hammock – long after the sunset. Fatboy truly understands that lying outside gives you a great feeling of freedom. And if you could sleep outside under the stars, then you shouldn’t be bothered by insects. Undercover is, besides a mosquito net, a tent that perfectly fits with the Headdemock. It creates a shelter that keeps you high and dry. In the morning you simply remove the Undercover and fold it in its little bag. Being undercover had never been this easy! Note: Headdemock hammock is sold separately.

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