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    HUGE SAVINGS! Baboesjka colors at $129.99: 

    • Pessoa Azul
    • Don't Sit
    • Wild Roses Blue
    • Wild Roses Light Blue

    Baboesjka was inspired on the stackable Russian Matyroshka dolls. Decorative pillows with a 100% buffalo leather belt which connects everything into one pillow set. You decide if you keep the pillows attached or not. It’s up to you to decide on the function of your Baboesjka. A comfortable pouf or loose seat cushions? 

    Over ten different Baboesjka's with all the same goal: ultimate comfort. There is always a Baboesjka that will tickle your fancy. Pimp your interior with the decorative pillows and thanks to the solid and dirt repellent fabric you can even use the Baboesjka outdoor.

    Baboesjka is made with high quality fabric, includes a supremely supportive filling, and measures 18" x 18" x 20".

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Amalia Azul
  • Baboesjka


  • Amalia Azul

    Amalia Azul

  • Pessoa Azul

    Pessoa Azul

  • Amalia Cinza

    Amalia Cinza

  • Eusebio Cinza

    Eusebio Cinza

  • Eusebio Amarelo

    Eusebio Amarelo

  • Lisboa Amarelo

    Lisboa Amarelo

  • Amalia Rosa

    Amalia Rosa

  • Pessoa Rosa

    Pessoa Rosa

  • Grasshopper


  • Delilah


  • Don't Sit

    Don't Sit

  • Wild Roses Light Blue

    Wild Roses Light Blue

  • Wild Roses Blue

    Wild Roses Blue

  • Roger


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