• Christmas Cooper Cappie


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    The Fatboy® Cooper Cappie is a collection of unique and artfully designed lampshade covers for our bestselling Fatboy Edison the Petit lampThe Christmas-themed Cooper Cappies will transform your Edison the Petit lamp into a unique, festive eye-catcher. If you wanna go bigger go for the ''treetopper.'' This light shade will transform your Edison the Petit table lamp into a tiny lighting Christmas tree! How simple can it be? Please note, the Fatboy® Edison the Petit lamp is sold separately. Get yours now!

Vantastic Treetopper
  • Vantastic Treetopper

    Vantastic Treetopper

  • Quill 'n Snor Treetopper

    Quill 'n Snor Treetopper

  • Boomski Treetopper

    Boomski Treetopper

  • Claustrofobia Treetopper

    Claustrofobia Treetopper

  • Stricky Treetopper

    Stricky Treetopper

  • Ice Peak Treetopper

    Ice Peak Treetopper

  • 20 Bucks Treetopper

    20 Bucks Treetopper

  • Tadeer Treetopper

    Tadeer Treetopper

  • Tree Is A Crowd Treetopper

    Tree Is A Crowd Treetopper

  • Vantastic


  • Santa Is Coming

    Santa Is Coming

  • Rudolph


  • Let It Snor

    Let It Snor

  • Jingle Balls

    Jingle Balls

  • Lalalalalalalalala


  • Oh Deer

    Oh Deer

  • Holy Cap

    Holy Cap

  • Deer Santa

    Deer Santa

  • Cappie Holidays

    Cappie Holidays

  • Mary Little X-mas

    Mary Little X-mas

  • Bunny St. Claire

    Bunny St. Claire

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