Plat-o - Table

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Don’t confuse the ancient Greek philosopher with Fatboy’s new product. Although Fatboy respects the ideas of this old theorist, Fatboy considered him a little too serious. The exciting addition to Fatboy’s furniture collection takes its name from ‘plateau’ in combination with ‘plat’, the Dutch word for ‘ at’. The added ‘o’ signifies the round shape of this stylish side table. There’s more to this innovative piece than meets the eye. Rather than being a fixed living room feature, the Plat-o is linked by a sturdy magnet that easily connects and disconnects the ‘table top’, making clearing empty glasses or casual TV dinners a breeze.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to its powder coated steel, a much tougher surface than conventional paint, Plat-o is easy to assemble or dissemble. Most importantly, this clever side table just looks great. A masterclass in minimalist style, Plat-o is available in six beautiful fine-textured coating colors. You don’t need to be a great thinker to realize that Plat-o is probably the best idea since
modern man introduced side dishes.

• For indoor and outdoor use
• Available Colors: Grey, Anthracite, Light Grey, Industrial Green, Taupe and White
• Material: Powder coated steel
• Dimensions (Table top): 22 Ø x 1.4 inches
• Dimensions (Rack): 18 x 18 x 18 inches
• Weight: 6.2 lbs

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