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    Fatboy® Tsjonge offers you the perfect combination of ultimate comfort and stylish design especially with the attachable backrest available in an array of unique colors and patterns. The Tsjonge is even more comfortable when the Fatboy® Jonge. Combine Tsjonge with Jonge and create a tempting chaise longue. It's the ideal addition to your living room or game room, your terrace or alongside the pool because it is made from super-soft Sunbrella fabric. You can even put two or more Tsjonges together to create an over-sized sofa! Fatboy Tsjonge has a hidden cover which will ensure your Tsjonge stays in top-notch shape! Not to mention it also has a washable cover! Tsjonge measures 36 inches by 40 inches by 16 inches.  Jonge measures 36 inches by 26 inches by 16 inches.

    Color nuances may vary with different monitors and may cause colors to differ slightly from the product image represented and the actual product.

  • Dark Grey-Stripes with model

    Dark Grey-Stripes with model

  • Cover


  • Cover in Bottom

    Cover in Bottom

  • Dark Grey-Circles Green

    Dark Grey-Circles Green

  • Dark Grey-Circles Green with model

    Dark Grey-Circles Green with model

  • Dark Grey-Circles Orange

    Dark Grey-Circles Orange

  • Dark Grey-Circles White

    Dark Grey-Circles White

  • Dark Grey-Dark Grey

    Dark Grey-Dark Grey

  • Dark Grey-Stripes

    Dark Grey-Stripes

  • Dark Grey-Stripes Complete Set

    Dark Grey-Stripes Complete Set

  • Green-Circles Green

    Green-Circles Green

  • Green-Circles White

    Green-Circles White

  • Green-Dark Grey

    Green-Dark Grey

  • Green-Light Grey

    Green-Light Grey

  • Green-Circles Orange

    Green-Circles Orange

  • Green-Stripes


  • Light Grey-Circles Green

    Light Grey-Circles Green

  • Light Grey-Circles White

    Light Grey-Circles White

  • Light Grey-Dark Grey

    Light Grey-Dark Grey

  • Light Grey-Light Grey

    Light Grey-Light Grey

  • Light Grey-Circles Orange

    Light Grey-Circles Orange

  • Light Grey-Stripes

    Light Grey-Stripes

  • Orange-Green Circles

    Orange-Green Circles

  • Orange-Circles White

    Orange-Circles White

  • Orange-Dark Grey

    Orange-Dark Grey

  • Orange-Light Grey

    Orange-Light Grey

  • Orange-Circles Orange

    Orange-Circles Orange

  • Orange-Stripes


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