• Special Offer Headdemock Pillow


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    For all you Headdemock owners, the Headdemock Pillow is here to help nourish your body by pampering your head like an Asian neck masseuse! Attaching the Pillow to the Headdemock is easy as holding hands. By the way, in case you’re wondering. Your eyes are reading this all correctly. The name for this soothing softness is… Pillow! No typo! We generously admit that we, for some normal reason, usually have crazy names for our products. This time we decided, for some crazy reason, to go for a normal name for our new product. So no ‘Cushy the Fluffy’ or ’Pïllõw’, just ‘Pillow’! Thank you, you’re welcome! Measures 22 inches by 3 inches.

    *Please note: Color nuances may vary across styles ( i.e. The Fatboy® Headdemock in turquoise may differ slightly from the Fatboy® Headdemock Pillow in turquoise.)

    Please note all sales are final. No returns or exchanges allowed.

  • Special Offer Headdemock Pillow

    Special Offer Headdemock Pillow

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