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    The Fatboy® Cooper Cappie is a collection of unique and artfully designed lampshade covers for our bestselling Fatboy Edison the Petit lamp. The Cooper Cappies are designed to fit whatever interior or party theme that suites the mood. They take the already stellar Edison the Petit lamp, and create a stand-out conversation piece that’s as easy to change out as it is to put on. So now there is no reason your Edison the Petit lamp can’t be adorned. Give your interior that extra “je ne sais quoi” in no time! Please note, the Fatboy® Edison the Petit lamp is sold separately. Measures 6 inches by 20 inches when lying flat.

  • Cooper Cappie 1

    Cooper Cappie 1

  • Mrs Blue

    Mrs Blue

  • Mrs Grey

    Mrs Grey

  • Mrs Green

    Mrs Green

  • Espada Peach Pink

    Espada Peach Pink

  • Espada Blue

    Espada Blue

  • Espada Kiwi Green

    Espada Kiwi Green

  • Espada Grey

    Espada Grey

  • Camouflage Orange

    Camouflage Orange

  • Camouflage Green

    Camouflage Green

  • Aischa


  • Ali


  • Black Light

    Black Light

  • White Light

    White Light

  • Brussels


  • Ghent


  • Antwerp


  • Car Race

    Car Race

  • Doggie Race

    Doggie Race

  • Horse Race

    Horse Race

  • Porto Blue

    Porto Blue

  • Porto Pink

    Porto Pink

  • Plaid Blue

    Plaid Blue

  • Plaid Red

    Plaid Red

  • Fatima


  • Mounir


  • Granny


  • Piggy


  • Cooper Cappie 1

    Cooper Cappie 1

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