• Baboesjka Sets

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    Life gives you choices; this includes your Baboesjka. Made with high quality fabric and supremely supportive filling. Select your favorite color combinations from lots of fun colors and patterns. Keep them stacked with the adjustable strap or leave them separate for a multifunctional modern seating element like no other! We don’t care, it’s your Baboesjka now! Measures 18 inches x 18 inches x 20 inches.

  • Baboesjka Sets

    Baboesjka Sets

  • Amalia Azul

    Amalia Azul

  • Amalia Cinza

    Amalia Cinza

  • Amalia Rosa

    Amalia Rosa

  • Eusebio Amarelo

    Eusebio Amarelo

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  • Pessoa Rosa

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  • Baboesjka Sets

    Baboesjka Sets

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